Emily Tilton

Emily was born and raised in Corinth, Maine before moving to Holden to attend John Bapst Memorial High School. She left for the University of Vermont where she earned a B.S. in Community Development Economics with a concentration in Business.

Emily’s passion for her family’s business and the Bangor region drove her back to Bangor where she currently lives. She works with her family at Central Maine Auction Center and Auto Auctions of Maine, where she is a general manager.

Outside of work Emily serves on the BRLI Steering Committee, as well as the Northeastern Workforce Development Board. She also enjoys spending time in downtown Bangor at local restaurants and businesses, and appreciates all the activities the Bangor region has to offer.

Emily is a graduate of the BRLI Class of 2019. On what brought her to the BRLI Steering Committee: “To see so many wonderful people that were genuinely interested in helping others learn and grow as an individual, a group and a region was pretty inspiring. I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.”