Frances Tracy-Dunn

As a native of Calais Maine, Fran earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Financial Management, from Husson University.  This is where her love of student affairs developed. Therefore, Fran accepted a position directly out school at a small private college in Illinois where she served as Area Coordinator.  Then continued on at Illinois State University (ISU) Career Services, simultaneously working towards her Master’s Degree in Education, with a concentration in College Student Personnel Administration.  

In 2001, Fran graciously accepted a position at Husson University and moved back to Bangor Maine, where she worked as the Director of Student Life and became part of the Bangor Region Leadership Institute’s Class of 2006.  She then moved to Calais Maine in 2007 to fulfill her family commitments while working at Washington County Community College with a sense of giving back to the community she once grew up in.  Filled with pride, Fran left the community college in 2010 to be with her Husband, Ryan in Portland, Maine, where they resided until 2015 with their daughter.  They both wanted to be closer to their roots and Bangor was their target destination.  Finally, that goal was achieved!  

Currently Fran is Self-Employed as a Residential Real Estate Valuation Analyst and resides in Hermon with her family.  She actively serves on the BRLI Steering Committee, the BRLI Alumni Committee (since 2015) and as a newly appointed Girl Scout leader in Hermon. 

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