Kirsten Ismail, Past Chair

Kirsten is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) and a Vice President of Wealth Management for UBS Financial Services, a global wealth management firm. She is part of the Bridge Financial Advisors team based in Bangor, Maine. She and her partner specialize in providing advanced financial planning and investment services to women facing major transitional life events such as divorce, widowhood, considerable health issues and significant career transitions. Together with her team she engages and educates women in all areas of financial management including preserving wealth, mitigating taxes, ensuring assets are not unjustly taken and charitable giving.

She and her team use a consultative process which begins with an intensive discovery phase designed to gain a detailed and very personal understanding of her clients’ deepest values and goals. In addition to her prestigious designation as a CFP ® and her experience with corporate executives and evolving family structures she has successfully completed training and certification with the Sudden Money Institute ® and is a Certified Financial Transitionist®. Blending the technical side of money with the personal side allows her to understand the complexities of a financial life during each phase of a transition and its unique characteristics.

Women facing major life events work with Kirsten to:

  • Engage in an intensive discovery meeting resulting in a personalized visual of their priorities
  • Identify and prioritize financial decisions through the lens of Now, Soon and Later
  • Learn to make informed decisions in today’s complex and uncertain economic and social environment that are relevant to them
  • Adopt ongoing communication honoring their personal style
  • Empower themselves to be confident in every aspect of their financial well-being

Kirsten empowers and educates women on the importance of being involved in their financial lives. You will often hear her say there are few decisions we make in life that don’t involve money. Therefore, she believes being involved in your financial life is critical to achieving your goals. When your money actions are aligned with your goals money becomes a mean not a measurement for a happy and fulfilling life.

In addition to proudly served as the Vice Chair and then Chair for the BRLI Steering Committee.  She also has served the Financial Planning Association’s Task Force for its annual Retreat conference.  Presently, she is the Chair of the FPA Retreat 2019 Task Force.

Kirsten spent most of her childhood in Aroostook County and Hampden, Maine. After graduating from the University of Maine she spent nearly 10 years in the Boston area before returning to Hampden, Maine. Kirsten is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Scott, and loves spending time with their young daughter, Samantha. In her spare time, she enjoys staying physically fit, reading, traveling and spending time at their lake house.


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