Strong Leaders for a Strong Future

Enhance your leadership skills and grow your connections


Continue your education and become a better leader. BRLI offers amazing opportunities to interact with local businesses and organizations, as well as traditional leadership training. Learn from experienced teachers and successful leaders in our community.


Always keep learning and improving. BRLI will expand your leadership skills and help you grow as a person. Progress is a moving target, and you always need to keep adapting. Continue your personal evolution with BRLI.


Our community needs strong leaders like you. We are dedicated to developing future leaders to keep our area moving forward. Let BRLI help you become an even more effective leader, and help guide the Bangor region into the future!

What is BRLI?

A Unique Approach to Leadership

BRLI offers a unique extended course that focuses on local businesses. You will be exposed to successful local leaders, and learn valuable lessons that are specific to our region. BRLI combines classroom exercises with field trips to see how leadership principles are applied in the real world.

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Nonprofit Partnerships

Tackling Challenges and Reaching Goals

The Nonprofit Partnership is a critical component to the BRLI experience. It helps participants grow and put their leadership skills to use while making an impact on nonprofits that are integral to the community.

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