Recognizing Achievements by BRLI Graduates

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G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award

Recognizing Extraordinary Achievements by BRLI Graduates

The Bangor Region Leadership Institute is accepting nominations for its 2017 G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award. The award will be presented on May 10th at the BRLI Class of 2017’s graduation ceremony.

The G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award was established to recognize the contributions of outstanding BRLI alumni. It was inspired by Clif Eames, whose leadership as a local businessman and commitment to the Bangor Region serves as an illustration of what an outstanding leader truly is. Each year, the award is given to a BRLI alumnus who has used their leadership skills, knowledge and resources to benefit the community and the region. Last year’s recipient was Elizabeth Sutherland, of Sutherland Weston. Past recipients include Jane Searles of Women, Work and Community, Dennis Marble, Deb Neuman, Bill Lucy, Dick Cattelle, Carol Colson, Rob Reeves, Merlene Sanborn, Jon Eames, and Karl Ward.

Please read below for the eligibility, criteria, and process for submitting a nomination.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Only alumni of BRLI are eligible to receive the award. Anyone may nominate alumni for the award.
  • Nominees should be individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership that has resulted in significant impact in the community and has continued to enhance the region by his/her participation within the community.
  • The individual should illustrate their ongoing support of BRLI through their demonstrated advocacy and/or participation through various efforts that strengthen the sustainability of the program (sponsor, donor, host, committee member, presenter, etc.)
  • Nominee should be someone who contributes to the community above and beyond the scope of their professional responsibilities. This person is someone who gives of his or her own time to better the region through volunteerism, mentoring, and community outreach.

Nomination Process

In a letter that includes your name, address, phone number and year you graduated from the Institute (if applicable), state the reasons why you believe the individual you are nominating should receive the G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award by answering the following questions:

  1. What has the individual succeeded in doing that demonstrates his/her commitment to improving leadership within the region? What specific action(s) led to this success?
  2. What are this individual’s leadership skills and characteristics?
  3. In what ways has this individual had an impact on the quality of life in the region or their community? How has this person impacted others?
  4. How has this individual added to the sustainability of the BRLI program?


Anonymous nominations will not be accepted. No self-nominations, please. Please submit your nomination online or email it to Shelly Reilly, Program Coordinator for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. If you have any questions, please call 947-0307.

Click here for a list of BRLI alumni


The G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award is presented each spring to an outstanding BRLI Alumnus/a who has demonstrated exceptional community leadership and whose efforts have made a lasting positive impact on the Bangor Region. The award is named for Clif Eames, who is a model of leadership in the Bangor region, and an example of what BRLI graduates should strive to be in the community.

Past recipients:

  • Kelly Pearson 2017
  • Elizabeth Sutherland 2016
  • Bob Potts 2015
  • Kerrie Tripp 2014
  • Glenn Mower 2013
  • Gary Creaser 2012
  • Jane Searles 2011
  • Dennis Marble 2010
  • Deb Neuman 2009
  • Bill Lucy 2008
  • Dick Cattelle 2007
  • Carol Colson 2006
  • Rob Reeves 2005
  • Jon Eames 2004
  • Merlene Sanborn 2002
  • Karl Ward 2001

Nominations are now closed.  Check back in March 2018 to nominate someone for the 2018 award.



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