1. How much time will Project Teams require outside of scheduled sessions?

    Although you will have time during most sessions to reconnect with your team, time will be required outside of the sessions to complete the projects. The amount of time required depends on your topic and focus area. Participants may spend up to 30 additional hours working on their project outside the provided class time.

  2. How much of the day will each session take?

    Each session will require a full day out of the office. We strongly discourage participants from leaving a session early or coming late to avoid disrupting presentations and activities. This allows every participant to get the most out of their BRLI experience.

  3. How do we get to multiple locations throughout the sessions?

    The majority of the sessions are spent at one location. However, if we are traveling between multiple locations, the participant is responsible for transportation to the different locations.

  4. How should I dress for the BRLI sessions?

    The appropriate attire for BRLI sessions is business casual. Some class events are held outside and some are in air-conditioned conference rooms, so you may wish to dress in layers or bring a light jacket.

  5. Am I required to go to the alumni socials throughout the curriculum?

    Although we strongly encourage you to attend, it is not a required component of the program. The socials allow you to network with over 300 graduates that make up our alumni base.

  6. How can I stay involved after the program year has ended?

    There are plenty of opportunities to stay involved after your BRLI experience is over. BRLI comprises several committees, including the Curriculum, Finance, and Marketing committees, all of which are always looking for help. By volunteering, you can help shape the program's future and get to know your fellow alumni. To learn more, please see the volunteer opportunities page on this website.

For more information or any other questions, please contact BRLI.