BRLI 2012 Update

Dear Friends,

The Bangor Region Leadership Institute’s 2012 class is coming up on its last two class sessions. What a year it has been. From the passionate work with their nonprofit partners to learning about everything that is the Bangor Region, this year’s group is nothing short of exceptional.

The class gained valuable knowledge and leadership skills while developing connections and friendships with each other on a level that is invaluable. Their teamwork, perseverance, and positive attitudes speak to the quality of those in our community, as well as BRLI’s ability to empower them.

In their eight-month curriculum, the class has covered multiple topics, including the Bangor region’s economy in a global context, energy, transportation, education, and healthcare. They have met and connected with numerous industry experts. They have toured behind the scenes of area companies and institutions such as Old Town Canoe, UMaine’s AEWC, the new Hampden Academy, and NESCom.

On top of all that, the class has worked actively with Literacy Volunteers of Bangor and Bangor Area Junior Achievement to develop innovative ideas that further the mission of each of those nonprofit organizations. Leaders from both Literacy Volunteers and Junior Achievement have praised the class for their creativity and dedication.

The final class day themes are “Community and Cultural Leadership” and “Facing Challenges.” Needless to say, this class will go out with a bang! It has been a pleasure to watch the 2012 class develop such close bonds and grow as leaders.

They have shown, along with BRLI’s countless alumni, what a worthwhile program it is. The knowledge and skills one gains through BRLI, and the personal growth achieved, are truly remarkable. Following the graduation of this year’s class, BRLI will begin accepting applications for the 2013 class.

Stay tuned for details! We promise it’s worthwhile. If you don’t believe us, there are nearly 300 alumni you can ask as well.

All the best,

Matt McLaughlin                                                           Trish Hansen
Program Coordinator                                                      BRLI Chair
Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce                         BRLI Class of 2008