Apply to the 2011-12 Class

Download the BRLI Application.


Since its inception, the Bangor Region Leadership Institute has kept its yearly enrollment small in order to maintain the highest possible standards of quality learning. Each year, 25 participants are chosen to participate in the program. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in August 2011 before the program year begins in October.

Tuition for the Bangor Region Leadership Institute is $725. Tuition includes all course fees, catered meals, and a certificate of program completion. Most employers choose to invest in key employees by sponsoring them for all or most of the costs.

Scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to participate are available. Please see the Scholarship Application supplement in the BRLI Application. If you have questions you may be able to find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

BRLI  SCHEDULE 2011-2012

The program will meet for a full day the first Thursday of each month from October 2011 through May 2012. The first month, two full days are required on October 6 and 7, 2011.

Day 1:  Thursday, October 6, 2011
Day 2:  Friday, October 7, 2011
Day 3:  Thursday, November 3, 2011
Day 4:  Thursday, December 1, 2011
Day 5:  Thursday, January 5, 2012
Day 6:  Thursday, February 2, 2012
Day 7:  Thursday, March 1, 2012
Day 8:  Thursday, April 5, 2012
Day 9:  Thursday, May 3, 2012
Graduation Dinner:  Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Each BRLI Day takes place at a combination of unique thematically specific sites throughout the Bangor Region. A detailed curriculum that includes site locations, workshops, and presenters is sent to each participant upon acceptance. For more information about the BRLI class schedule and curriculum, please contact Johann Sabbath at [email protected] or (207) 947-0307.