BRLI is Good for YOUR Business: Ed Troscianiec, Class of 2010, & BRLI Chair

What is BRLI?

BRLI is the Bangor Region Leadership Institute, a program available to promising and driven professionals who seek to grow themselves and the region. Since 1998, BRLI has refined leadership skills and helped to develop an understanding of the region’s economic landscape in participants. Those who go through BRLI acquire tools, techniques, and insight to help understand and evaluate themselves, their peers, and the changing workplace issues that leaders face on a daily basis.

Ed TroscianiecWhether you are self-employed or have hundreds of employees, this program has something to benefit you. Sending an employee through BRLI or experiencing the program yourself benefits your business. Your company gains focused exposure through the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce network, our parent organization, and visibility through the connections with fellow BRLI participants, speakers, and facilitators.

BRLI alumni have been stellar representatives of the companies they are affiliated with. More often than not in the professional world, it’s not what you know, but who. What better endorsement for your company than to be part of an ever-growing professional network?

On top of that, BRLI is a unique learning experience. Unlike management and leadership workshops that may only last a few hours, BRLI is an eight-month program. This allows enrollees to build upon and grow from previous months and reap the benefits of practical, long-lasting lessons and solid contacts.

This program provides insight into the Bangor Region akin to a “backstage pass.” We have the experts from across the Region’s economic engine (energy, healthcare, transportation, education, and more) share insight into what they do and how their sectors impact the economy at a regional and state level. Professional facilitators are on hand to discuss leadership, its applications, situational awareness, and practical solutions.

Arming the leaders in your business with these tools provides a competitive edge. It’s a wise investment in your business and your people. If you are an employee, have a discussion about BRLI with your employer to see if it’s a good fit.

We are all tied to the Bangor region in some capacity. Let’s work together to keep it strong and growing. Please feel free to contact me directly, or the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, for more information.

Ed Troscianiec is a graduate of the BRLI Class of 2010 and the current Chair of BRLI’s Steering Committee. He is a Financial Advisor for MetLife and a US Navy Commander and Naval Aviator.