Call for Nominations – G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award

BRLI is seeking nominations for the 2011 G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award. The Award recognizes a BRLI Alumni who has made an outstanding contribution to the social, cultural, environmental, or economic vitality of the Bangor Region.

Past Award recipients include:

Dennis Marble, Deb Neuman, Bill Lucy, Dick Cattelle, Carol Colson, Rob Reeves, Jon Eames, Merlene Sanborn, and Karl Ward. The 2011 G. Clifton Eames Leadership Award will be presented at the BRLI Annual Dinner on May 11th, 2011.

What’s in the name?

G. Clifton Eames a.k.a. “Clif” was an inspiration to the founders of the Bangor Region Leadership Institute program, and he continues to serve as a role model to all of the Institute’s alumni. As a community leader, Clif demonstrates a holistic commitment to the Bangor Region with every effort that he undertakes and every cause that he champions. To place Clif’s name on this Award is to define the expectation to which BRLI participants are held upon their graduation and throughout their lives.

Nomination Process

Nominations should be submitted by April 15, 2011, to [email protected]. The email should include your name, address, phone number, and year of BRLI graduation. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.

Please respond to the following questions about the nominee in your email:

  1. What positive impact has the nominee made on the social, cultural, environmental, or economic qualities of the Bangor Region or a specific community within the region?
  2. What are the nominee’s strongest leadership qualities?
  3. How has the nominee inspired others to lead?
  4. What action has led to this success?

For a complete list of BRLI alumni, visit our Alumni Page.