Class Blog: Day 6, Transportation

Guest Blogger:

Nicole Morgan, BRLI Class of 2016
Bangor Savings Bank

Oh, the Places You’ll Go – A “Seussical” look at Transportation Day.

How very exciting,
Another great day.
And there was no snow,
To keep us away.

Upon first arrival,
We could barely tell,
That to our right,
It was the new C&L.

Chris Kilgour, our host,
Was gracious and kind.
He told us his story,
Then we picked his mind.

He gave great advice,
As leaders often do.
He highlighted resilience,
And perseverance too.

Our friend Kathy Hunt,
Gave us tips for our teams,
And how to keep it all,
From coming apart at the seams.

A closer look at Ellsworth,
And of its growth, we were told,
From the very engaging,
and wise David Cole.

Our panelists, of course,
Were a highlight of the day,
Community connector,
Tip Whip and BIA.

Never the ones,
To settle for quiet and peace,
Our group even made friends,
With military police.

Our day was as always,
Full of deep thought,
How we as a group
Will plan as we plot.

To add more value
To this place, we call home.
To be cultivators
Of the seeds, we have sown.

With just 3 months left,
How can that be so???
I’m really excited,
To see where we will go.