Leadership Institute to Offer Husson MBA Credit

The Bangor Region Leadership Institute (BRLI) and Husson University have announced that BRLI participants may earn graduate credit through Husson University’s College of Business. This option is available to all current and future BRLI students, as well as members of the two previous classes (2012-2013 and 2013-2014).

“As a result of Husson employees taking part in the Bangor Region Leadership Institute and review of the curriculum, we became aware of the depth and breadth of the program offered to participants,” said Marie Hansen, dean of the College of Business at Husson University.

BRLI goals and outcomes align with the programming found in the College of Business at Husson University. Through this new relationship with BRLI, participants can demonstrate their learning by working with our director of graduate programs, Stephanie Shayne, to earn credit for their efforts in this year-long program. We hope to see many BRLI participants take advantage of this opportunity to attain credit toward higher education degrees, such as an MBA, and seek further advancement in their careers.

To receive credit, BRLI participants would submit transcripts and non-degree applications, and register for BA 799–Leadership Maine during the spring semester at the reduced rate of $400 for this class with Husson University. At the end of the BRLI program, students submit final papers that include ways BRLI participation enhances career development.

BRLI participants who do not have undergraduate degrees may earn undergraduate credit. They also may use their BRLI participation for later graduate credit. The undergraduate option is available to students from the two prior BRLI classes at an additional cost.

“The partnership with Husson University and BRLI is a significant milestone for this program,” said Ed Troscianiec, BRLI chair.

We hope to streamline the path of one’s career aspirations with knowledge, practical experience, and business insight. Regardless of where someone is on their leadership track, BRLI proves to be a credible, comprehensive, and lasting learning experience graduates can use to leverage and accelerate their own goals and the businesses and organizations they represent. BRLI is appreciative of all of Husson University’s efforts to take our vision and making this accreditation a reality.

BRLI is an intensive, regionally-oriented leadership development program of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. BRLI is designed to give potential and emerging leaders the skills, knowledge, and ongoing support they need to succeed in the greater Bangor community. For more information, call BRLI at 207-947-0307, or find BRLI online at brliexperience.org.

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