My BRLI Experience: Katrina Mumford, Class of 2013

Have you ever been voluntold* to participate in an educational experience? More specifically, have you ever had this happen to you at work? I have.

I walked away from it. It, being BRLI, with a greater sense of community than I could have ever imagined living in Bangor, 200 miles from the place I had always called home. katrina1In the short nine months since starting the Bangor Region Leadership Institute I have seen a group of 23 Bangor region professionals, from many backgrounds, become a living, breathing, leadership machine.

Under the keen instruction of Kathy Hunt, and an excellent group of steering committee members, who not only played host to nine sessions but also dedicated countless hours to each of our learning opportunities along the way, we experienced a synergy I didn’t think was possible on day one.

I have truly learned the difference between being someone’s boss and being a leader. I know what side I will choose to stand on every day without fear of failure. Thanks to BRLI, I have an excellent network of supportive local professionals ready to help me in any way possible, and that is what makes the program an opportunity worthy of jumping into headfirst, when strongly suggested to you, by any of our 300 alumni.

Katrina Mumford is a graduate of the BRLI Class of 2013. She works as a Social Media and Web Manager for Eastern Maine Community College.

*Voluntold (v.) to be volunteered by way of a strong suggestion.