Amy Jones

Amy is a sole proprietor of her own business as a Licensed Soil Scientist and Site Evaluator.  She primarily designs septic systems for new or existing homes or businesses that don’t have city sewer.  She is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in Natural Resources with a focus on Soil Science.  Though not a Maine native, she has lived and worked in the greater Bangor area for over 30 years and feels very rooted here.


As a 2018 BRLI graduate she has greatly enjoyed learning new things about the Bangor region and meeting some amazing people who are genuinely interested in helping others and working hard to help make Bangor a great place to live and work.


Amy lives with her husband and cat in Alton, where she is the Chair of the local Planning Board.  She loves spending time in her large vegetable garden, time with family at camp, eating out with friends in Bangor, and appreciates time in the woods or on the waters of Maine.