BRLI Seeks Nonprofit Partners

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Bangor Region Leadership Institute is seeking two area nonprofit partners for the upcoming BRLI class team projects. The goal of the partnership is for a team of approximately 10-15 participants to work with a nonprofit to plan and execute a project that serves three purposes:

  1. Advance the nonprofit’s mission in the Bangor Region.
  2. Develop nonprofit leadership skills among the BRLI participants.
  3. Forge lasting partnerships between the BRLI participants and the nonprofit partners.

The 2010 BRLI class split into two teams. They partnered with the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter and Phillips-Strickland House.

The partnership Phillips-Strickland House enjoyed with BRLI over the past year has been remarkable. This group of talented and caring individuals rolled up their sleeves and got involved to a degree that more than exceeded our expectations. The BRLI participants were the creative minds and helping hands we needed to bring our annual event to the next level and generate needed funds to enhance the lives of the elderly population we serve.

Karen Higgins, Administrator, Phillips-Strickland House

The BRLI team served its initiative with passion and conviction. The team helped lift a shelter event to a new standard and some participants have joined in our efforts for the long run. They experienced ‘slight’ failure and soaring success and learned on both cognitive and educational levels. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more.

Dennis Marble, Executive Director, Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Nonprofit partners interested in the opportunity to partner with a BRLI team should email a brief letter of interest to [email protected] by August 31st. Please include your organization’s mission, vision, and a brief statement about your organization’s current and planned endeavors in the Bangor Region.

On October 8, a leader from each of the two selected nonprofit partners is requested to provide a presentation to the BRLI class about the organization, along with a tour, if appropriate. The leaders are also requested to make themselves available as coaches and mentors throughout the project period, October through May.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from some great local nonprofits.


Johann Sabbath

BRLI Program Director